Specific objectives:

Objective 1. To develop scientific strategy for research and innovation capacity building in the domain of multiscale bioengineering modelling and medical informatics at UKG.

Objective 2. To establish a competitive network in the European Research Area and to foster long-lasting partnerships with project partners.

Objective 3. To empower research staff at all partner institutions through joint project activities to be more actively engaged in sharing and upgrading innovative knowledge for better social impacts.

Objective 4. To integrate already developed solutions and various datasets related to cancer, cardiovascular, bone disorders and tissue engineering into one multiscale platform.

Objective 5. To prepare the ground for future joint and dual PhD studies at UKG in the area of biomedical engineering.


Researchers from all partner institutions will actively participate in various networking activities envisaged in order to succeed in developing a strong research base for achieving better results in competing for national and EU funds and, more particularly, in order to increase the number of high quality scientific papers in leading international journals.

Trainings, workshops, conferences, etc. are regularly distributed throughout the project lifetime and require active engagement of both ESRs and senior research staff. By exchanging know-how and expertise in the relevant field of multiscale modelling, researchers will have the opportunity to test, evaluate and demonstrate their research ideas and results and have a valuable feedback form other project partners.

SGABU Platform

One of the main results of the project will be a Computational Platform for Multiscale Modelling in biomedical engineering that will serve as an educational tool for students and researchers. To our knowledge, this is the first proposed integrated platform that will include different areas of bioengineering.

The platform will integrate already developed solutions and various datasets related to cancer, cardiovascular, bone disorders and tissue engineering into one multiscale platform. This will enable further validation and parameterization of models, creation of environment for future trends, e.g. in silico clinical trials, virtual surgery, development of prediction models, thereby creating new opportunities for breakthrough research, successful joint applications for EU funding programs and publication of high quality scientific papers in high impact journals.

SGABU Multiscale Platform


The overall objectives are the creation of new knowledge and education of researchers to be able to use this knowledge to create new values for education and RDI activites at University of Kragujevac. One of the main impacts will be the enhancement of international cooperation in the field of biomedical engineering.

The network we are developing within SGABU will help us be part of the main research streams and trends contributing to the levelling up the ERA towards to less advanced regions. Through carefully organized project activities, realized with the partners with recognized RDI excellence at EU and global level, we will put our best efforts to create favourable conditions to stimulate talents, foster innovation and secure international visibility and attractiveness of our institution and research group.

Thus, the SGABU project will have a significant impact on our mission to:

  1. Improve the quality of research at UKG;
  2. Raise the international profile of UKG;
  3. Become a national and regional leader in the area of multiscale modelling;
  4. Become more competitive within the ERA;
  5. Make RDI more relevant to the needs of society in Serbia and all relevant stakeholders;


(i) increased number of jointly published papers in high impact journals,

(ii) increased h-index of UKG project team researchers,

(ii) increased number of RDI project applications (national and international),

(iv) increased number of staff exchanges.

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